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Rock Rings

08 October, 2018

Anelli Rock

Rock rings: silver tribute to the pillars of Rock'n'Roll

Iconic, unique and with a Rock soul. These are the Rock rings from Manuel Bozzi's Ritratti Collection.
Microsculptures in exquisitely crafted 925 Sterling Silver, designed and made entirely by hand in Tuscany.
Particular men's rings, cared for down to the smallest detail. A tribute to the world of Rock and beyond!
Timeless voices, myths, legends of Rock'n'Roll are here brought together in an all-wearable silver tribute.
Find your unique piece of jewelry by choosing the right jewelry for you from within the scratchy, true-to-life Rock Ring Collection.

Buy your ring online and experience the Rock myth on your skin.

Can you feel the rhythm? It emanates from the silver "Elvis" ring, a tribute to the King of Rock'n'Roll!
An irreverent silver Elvis Presley comes to life from Manuel's skilled hands, with his historic glasses this time skillfully reproduced in enameled bronze and sculpted details worthy of a King.

Expressive and powerful: the "Jimi" ring is a personal tribute to the greatest guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix. Men's ring in 925 Sterling Silver, made and finished entirely by hand and embellished with the light-dark effect of burnishing.

The "Morrison" ring could not be missing within the Portraits Collection. A necklace that is a tribute to the entire world of Rock, engraved with Jim's portrait and the band's logo. A timeless piece of jewelry for true admirers.
Because Jim Morrison lives!

Portraits of legends; expressions of Passion.

Unique models that speak of history and legend: Manuel Bozzi rings play with details and blend features and expression.
This is how Bob Marley's dreadlocked hair meanders, giving life to "Bob," a triple silver ring with an inimitable design.

Infinite calmness and power come together in the "Jesus" ring. Rich in details of superhuman expressiveness, the face of Christ is reproduced by Manuel through fluid and harmonious lines. Christ's hair branches out transforming into olive branches, enveloping the finger with its sinuous embrace.

Choose the Portrait Collation model you feel is most yours. Order it now from Manuel Bozzi's Online Store.
You'll be able to engrave 1 to 3 characters and bring to life your own unique custom ring, shaped with passion and craftsmanship to measure for you.




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