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Silver is a beautiful metal. Taking good care of it is a form of respect. With a few simple steps, your silver jewelry will keep its properties alive over time.

Many harsh cleaners can over time erode or otherwise damage silver and especially any embedded gemstones. Keep your valuables away from household cleaning products, detergents in general and especially any liquid containing sulfur or its derivatives. If you happen to frequent sulfur spas, always remember not to wear silver jewelry otherwise you will see them blacken heavily. It can also happen that silver will oxidize in contact with a skin with an acid Ph, blackening itself. It can also happen if you take drugs or any chemicals, your sweat will affect the precious metal. Manuel Bozzi's Silver 925 (we melt at 931 thousandths) is the oldest and noblest recipe, only copper alloy, no anti-tarnish treatment or excipient as with most commercial brands. Our silver is a valuable indicator of our body's metabolic balance. A real litmus test. Sometimes you happen to hear, "Your silver blackens, others don't. Your silver is not good." It's the exact opposite...our silver is as it should be, workmanlike and in keeping with its traditions. That's why our polishing excels.

In our workshop we do not treat surfaces with any chemical/industrial process such as rhodium plating or protective silver plating (except where specifically described, e.g., for color electroplating). This choice of style allows us to offer you hand-polished silver in all its natural splendor.

Taking care of your silver is simple, however. Follow these precautions:

How to store silver jewelry

Leaving silver in the open air or in humid environments for extended periods will cause its rapid oxidation. The blackening will initially manifest as a yellow/gold halo and then increasingly darker. This is the natural course of the noble metal and our jewelry is not immune.

To minimize the risk of oxidation, it is advisable to store jewelry away from sources of light, possibly wrapped in a polishing cloth that you will receive free with each of your individual purchases or in a very ordinary resealable plastic bag. Remember also that silver, although a durable metal, is soft and scratches very easily. If you don't like the "worn" look of your jewelry, then take care of it and don't store it in contact with other objects.

Jewel cleaning

Clean your jewelry with the appropriate polishing cloth. Do not use household silverware products; they are too aggressive and could ruin the typical burnished details of Manuel Bozzi's creations.

It may happen that your ring, freshly polished, leaves a dark halo on the finger and edges reacting with the Ph of your skin. It can also happen in the warmer months when sweating is profuse. You can remove the blackening by rubbing your finger and the inside of the ring with ordinary baking soda, rinsing with running water only.

Hoping to have provided a useful service, we thank you for your attention and wish you Happy Shopping.


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