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Sterling silver is a beautiful and durable metal that is made for everyday wear.  Following a few basic use and care guidelines will ensure that your sterling silver items give you a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Please keep in mind that detergents can slowly erode the finish of gemstones and cause stones to become dull. Keep sterling silver and precious gemstones away from chlorine bleach and all household cleaners. These will cause damage to the silver and stones. Keep them away from sulfur baths (SPA) and pay attention to perspiration resulting from an acid skin Ph that could accelerate oxidation.

Jewelry should always be removed before swimming and washing dishes. Sterling silver is not difficult to take care of if you just follow a few simple precautions: 

Storing your sterling silver jewelry

Storing sterling silver in the open air and humidity for extended periods of time can cause it to tarnish quickly. Tarnish first appears as a golden hue on sterling silver, then quickly turns to black. This is a normal process that is caused by oxidization and moisture from air and sunshine. 

In our laboratory we do not treat the surfaces with any chemical/industrial process (except where specifically described). This choice of style allows us to provide you with the hand-polished silver in all its natural splendor.

To reduce tarnish and keep jewelry tarnish free, it is recommended that sterling silver jewelry be stored in an air-tight protective bag with our tarnish proof Polishing Cloth that you will receive FOR FREE to your every single purchase.

Although sterling silver jewelry is scratch resistant it isn't scratch proof, so it is recommended that jewelry be stored so that it isn't rubbing up against other articles, like in a loose drawer or jewelry box.  

Cleaning your sterling silver jewelry

Clean sterling silver jewelry with your new Polishing Cloth and gently rub off any excess dirt or makeup. Sterling silver is a very soft metal and can be scratched if it is rubbed too briskly.

We hope that these guidelines will allow you to maintain and enjoy your sterling silver items for many years to come!

By clicking the following link you will access to a friendly .pdf file that will help you to determine the exact size of your finger or your wrist, please follow the printing settings instructions and don't hesitate to contact us for further infos: