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Manuel Bozzi

Love Collection

November 08, 2018

Love Collection

Love Collection: handcrafted jewelry created from the heart

Passion, craftsmanship, elegance: in the Love Manuel Bozzi Collection you will find brought together all the jewelry with the most romantic soul, shaped and inspired by Love.
Made entirely by hand in Tuscany, we have created for you the most beautiful, precious and unrepeatable jewelry: 925 Sterling Silver rings, customizable men's bracelets, pendants with unique design and character.
So many different models united by a single, passionate rhythm, the one that pulses incessantly through all stages of jewelry making.
Because in what we do we put our heart into it!

Let yourself be conquered! Jewelry to give as a gift and to experience

An enveloping and irreverent love, the one that throbs in every fiber of the ring "Road to Nowhere".
An evocative journey through the most Rock details: an evocative, almost shamanic necklace.
A sneering corolla of finely carved skulls in 925 Sterling Silver surrounds an oval cabochon Hydrothermal Garnet. Designed for those who love to listen to themselves and know themselves in depth.

A "Embrace" in 925 Sterling Silver with natural finish and burnishing. An elegant necklace with a silver chain and the signature affiliation "Manuel Bozzi." Surrounded by a cascade of silver leaves cared for down to the smallest detail, a tender metal heart soars centrally, to be worn engraved on your chest.

A charming and impactful necklace: it is the pendant "Punkbean", where silver and hard stone meet and wrap themselves in a romantic design embrace.
A finely worked 925 Sterling Silver cage decorated with studs and openwork intertwines a faceted Onyx scepter with itself. The sterling silver necklace is gherminated by a clawed Gargoyle hand, which binds chain and amulet in a primal bond. 

A humorous and lighthearted tribute of one of the most popular icons of our time. The "Hashtag" is your touch of uniqueness in the age of Social and sharing.
Because in a world of homologated and dull idols, we believe in uniqueness #manuelbozzi.

Love is all you need!

Choose your silver jewelry, the one that appeals to your most romantic spirit.
Browse the entire Love Collection by Manuel Bozzi.




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