Manuel Bozzi

Silver Earrings

05 August, 2018

Orecchini in Argento

Silver earrings by Manuel Bozzi: make the art of Rock throb in your ear!

Gritty, rich in detail, romantic: Manuel's earrings speak at a pace all their own to bring you uniquely designed silver jewelry.
Entirely handcrafted and hand-finished in Tuscany, the 925 Sterling Silver earrings are cared for down to the smallest detail in all the different stages of craftsmanship.
From the conception to the burnishing, which gives eye-catching chiaroscuro effects, these little wonders are just waiting to speak to you closely. Whisper their Rock soul to your ear!
Precision and infinite passion combine to create micro-sculptures of vital realism.
Within the collection you will find a wide selection of men's silver earrings: single, paired, lobe or dangling.
From the most minimal design to the most refined and richly detailed sculpture, choose the model that belongs to you and make it your own.

Lobe earrings or pendants: enjoy the rhythm!

Sneering, irreverent, unique: these are the "Little Skull" earrings, miniature anatomical skulls in burnished and polished 925 Sterling Silver. Realism and precision detailing give a mocking sneer to this immortal symbol. Dynamic and characterful pendant skull earrings the ones smiling in the "Drop and Leaves" model. A silver micro-sculpture that branches out with eccentric power and sensuality, made unique by the deep effect of burnishing. All embellished with a drop of Onyx. A romantic touch of silver unfolds in "The Roses" lobe earrings. Simple, scratchy, enveloping.

Waves of inspiration: the Pollux silver earrings.

From the artistic synergy of Manuel Bozzi and Gabriele Galardini, the Polluce men's earrings are born, inspired by the wonders and mysteries of the island of Elba.
Shells, sea urchins, silver stars: in the collection you can breathe the vital breeze of Elba, enclosed in small creations with exuberant dynamism. Live the frenzy of the sea on your skin with the "Cadetta" anchor earrings, which come to life in silver by knotting sinuously around a 0.02 carat Ceylon Sapphire. Strength, belonging and attention to detail resonate in the "Passannante Earrings," precious jewelry inspired by the Tower of Elba, made of 925 Sterling Silver and cabochon Onyx.
Find the model that best represents you. Discover all Manuel Bozzi earrings here.


Drop and Leaves


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