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Size Guide

Never was a name more suitable to describe and summarize in one word the native idea, the concept and the character of this jewel. Ricochet, with a sweet and persuasive sound, is nothing but the noisy rebound of a mad bullet, the unpredictable dance of an out of control shot. Lethal. The Ricochet bracelet is lethal. Sweet and graceful in its retro decorations, it releases all its strength through the skulls that at first glance are almost unnoticeable. Terrible and romantic like a gasp that goes straight to the heart.
Jewel made of burnished and polished Sterling Silver. Logo on the clasp.

Measures: 10 mm.

Weight: 22 gr.

The weight of the jewel is indicative and refers to a central size, for this reason it can vary considerably.

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By clicking the following link you will access to a friendly .pdf file that will help you to determine the exact size of your finger or your wrist, please follow the printing settings instructions and don't hesitate to contact us for further infos: