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The exclusive Manuel Bozzi jewelry line originates from the creative inspiration and the business venture of its designer which bears the name. 
Manuel was born in 1973 in Pisa, he had an original artistic course: theatre, sculpture, painting and the ancient craftsmanship, up to goldsmith art.
He also recognize the importance of the influence and teachings of his mother, the famous artist Lydia Nissim.
The unusual talent of Manuel Bozzi is discovered by the great french stylists Marithè + François Girbaud
with which the young designer starts in 2000 an important collaboration.
The French griffe entrusts him the prestigious assignment to create accessories and jewels for world’s most important fashion shows.
In 2002 collaborations increase and Manuel decides, together with his historic partner Luigi Ranchelli, to create a Company: CLAN BANLIEUE
and to give his name MANUEL BOZZI to his own brand of exclusive jewels.
Manuel Bozzi’s collection reaches an immediate interest and success since his Parisian debut, so that important fashion buyers start to notice him and today
his jewels and creations are actually sold both in the top places of the fashion world
and in the high-end/luxury jewellery stores.
Manuel Bozzi’s handmade jewels are designed, created and produced in Italy.
Winner of the Young Designers Award as “Best Accessories Designer” Manuel Bozzi creates jewels that are real expression of Made in Italy: with extreme attention to details and quality.
Unisex for the most part, the jewels can easily combine female and male styles in an unique perfect mix in which consumers can find a romantic determination character.
Manuel Bozzi shows his collections in the best international exhibitions and showrooms.


photo credit: Luca Gasperoni


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