Manuel Bozzi

Manuel Bozzi sells worldwide through a network of authorized dealers and on the site you are browsing.

But that's not all. There is a magical, all-black place where Manuel's Art is breathed into every detail.

The Manuel Bozzi Official Store owned by Manuel's wife, Chiara Vigilante, is located in Pontedera (PI) at 10 Via Ranieri Gotti.

In addition to the Manuel Bozzi Collection, the Store offers a selection of unique creations not in the catalog.

The strength of the Manuel Bozzi Store is the design and creation of custom, made-to-order jewelry according to the needs and specific requirements of the Customer.

Visiting the Pontedera store means touching hands-on, immersing yourself in Manuel's world and having the opportunity to have your own custom jewelry made.

For every occasion Manuel Bozzi has his own valuable proposal.

Wedding bands, wedding favors, gifts for home and office, or the ring or bracelet you've always wanted and can't find in the market.

Manuel Bozzi also designs and makes fine jewelry pieces.

Always starting from your idea or wish, Manuel will design your new piece of jewelry for you while Luigi will set your own stones or work the finest diamond for you.

Stop by and visit us, we will be glad to welcome you, call Chiara at +39.338.4192699 or write to her on WhatsApps.

Write to to make an appointment with Manuel, you will meet and you can tell him about your dream...which you will wear as soon as you are ready!


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