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Manuel Bozzi

Men's Silver Necklaces

September 20, 2018

Men's Silver Necklaces

Manuel Bozzi silver men's necklaces: a passionate and disruptive embrace.

Extreme attention to detail, precision and an innate Rock spirit: this is the rhythm at which Manuel Bozzi's signature men's necklaces pulsate.
Forged for you in the forge of the Clan, 925 Sterling Silver necklaces quiver to become your emblem of uniqueness.
One-of-a-kind choker necklaces, with silver pendant, or rough, silver link necklaces hand-welded one by one, with infinite patience.
This is what happens in "Dhemur," mighty silver chain with round studded elements that needs no introduction.

Each necklace tells a unique story that tells you about craftsmanship and dedication.
All silver necklaces are hand-finished in every detail, polished and embellished by burnishing. This stage of craftsmanship has made Manuel's silver jewelry famous. The burnishing gives a unique chiaroscuro effect and makes your jewelry powerful and durable.

Choker necklaces, silver chains, sneering skulls: sophistication is tinged with Rock.

From 925 Sterling Silver chain necklaces, vigorous and precious in their apparent simplicity, to men's cross necklaces, rich in detail and with a unique design: find your jewel and make it yours.
Choose your necklace from the heart pendant silver necklaces, romantically Rock, or be captivated by the roaring design of the finest creations, where nature and symbol come together.

Follow in rhythm the flowing lines of the "Crosslove" cross necklace, sinuous microsculpture in 925 Sterling Silver, burnished and polished by hand.
Lose yourself in the flowery orbits of the "Sacra Muerte" skull necklace, an anatomical skull inspired by the Mexican Sacra Calavera, carefully detailed with precious bas-relief decorations.

Let yourself be captivated by the fascinating power of the ocean, encapsulated in the 925 Sterling Silver "Chiocciolina" necklace. A masterpiece of precision and realism, whose fine silver chain reproduces the disruptive delicacy. Discover the entire Pollux Collection, inspired by the hidden wonders of Elba, here.

For gift, for passion, for yourself. Choose your Manuel Bozzi necklace and wear Uniqueness around your neck.

Find the jewelry that speaks most closely to you, or request your custom silver necklace.
Together we'll bring your handcrafted jewelry to life, shaped with flair and skill in the Manuel Bozzi workshop.
Browse all the designs here.




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