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Manuel Bozzi

Chevalier Rings

September 20, 2018

Chevalier Rings

Rings Chevalier Manuel Bozzi: imprint your seal of Authenticity.

The Chevalier ring originated as the pinky ring of ancient noble dynasties. Men's silver rings, with the coat of arms of the lineage engraved in low relief, were used as seals for important letters.
Imprinted on the wax lacquer, the family signature was thus an indication of authenticity and trust.

Manuel takes up the great tradition of Chevalier silver rings, dressing them up with a Rock soul.

You can wear a ring of character on your little finger, hand-finished to the finest detail to give life to unique 925 Sterling Silver microsculptures.
From skulls and semiprecious stones to the most disturbing tribal masks, Chevalier Manuel Bozzi rings mock and smile at tradition, transforming an aristocratic symbol into an emblem of eccentric exuberance.

Chevalier silver rings: champions of Oneness.

Choose the pinky ring you feel is yours and stamp your seal on a story of flair and passion.
Relive the elegance of fine nineteenth-century jewelry with the Chevalier "Materia Caballero" ring.
A uniquely designed 925 Sterling Silver jewel, entirely hand carved in silver to recreate the faceted cut of the stone. A centuries-old soul pulsating in a unique, out-of-the-box ring, burnished and finished in the rough. 

Tribality, strength and belonging echo in the Chevalier "Moko" ring, inspired by the tribal masks of Polynesian warriors.
A labyrinthine interweaving of details enriches the finely engraved, burnished and hand-polished cap to enhance the smallest details.
The Clan Manuel Bozzi logo blends and blurs with the fine lines and markings of Moko, a necklace in which art, courage, and craftsmanship are woven.

Be captivated by the essential power of the Chevalier "Minigrave" skull ring. The skull seal meticulously carved in bas-relief and the flowing, minimal lines make this 925 Sterling Silver ring unique and elegant.
The anatomical skull is fully finished, burnished and polished by hand, with an attention to detail that will satisfy your craving for discordant beauty.

Enjoy your touch of Rock elegance with Manuel Bozzi Chevalier rings.

Our forge never goes out. It is fueled with passion, to forge your immortal jewel, with a Rock and romantic soul.
Find your Chevalier ring and get ready to play music of your own together!

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