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Manuel Bozzi

Silver cufflinks

August 17, 2018

Silver cufflinks

Manuel Bozzi silver men's cufflinks: elegance to the rhythm of Rock!

Can you feel them? They are Manuel Bozzi's signature silver men's cufflinks: unique, precious, with character.
They quiver with irreverent elegance and can't wait to settle on the cuff of your shirt.
Choosing the right pair of silver cufflinks for your important occasions is serious business, but we like to do it with a Rock twist!
In Manuel's collection you'll find uniquely designed men's cufflinks, handcrafted in all the various stages of workmanship and with attention to detail.
We like to step outside the box, but not without a pair of custom-created cufflinks that speak at your own pace.
Experience them face to face, from metal to leather.

Unique silver cufflinks: unleash your desire for elegance.

Small jewels rich in detail, eye-catching 925 Sterling Silver jewelry made unique by burnishing.

This step, which distinguishes Manuel's creations, enhances the details of the raised microsculptures with chiaroscuro effects that give depth and strength.

Lose yourself in the orbits of the men's silver "Skullstud" cufflinks.
Precious and provocative in their simplicity, these hand-polished, burnished silver skullstud cufflinks will lend a touch of irreverence to your most sought-after outfits.

A small masterpiece of patience and craftsmanship roars in the "Little Dragons" cufflinks, designed to embellish your cuffs with a romantic touch. The detailed and expressive dragon heads and the texture inspired by silver flake armor make this jewelry a unique and original piece of jewelry.

Rituality and belonging resonate in the men's silver "Clanstud" cufflinks, which bear the symbol of Clan Banlieue, the Maison founded by Manuel Bozzi and Luigi Ranchelli.
Become part of it too!

Can you hear them? They pulse to the rhythm of your pulse: they pulse to the rhythm of Rock!

Discover all Manuel Bozzi silver cufflinks here.




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