Manuel Bozzi

University of Rock'n'Roll

Jan 04, 2019

University of Rock'n'Roll

University of Rock'n'Roll: honorary degree to your thirst for Rock!

Milestone of the Manuel Bozzi Jewelry Collection, undisputed ruler of men's silver rings.
University of Rock'n'Roll: you'll hear it roar with irreverence in every detail, hand-carved in 925 Ag to chisel the pact between flair and metal.

A symbol of strength, character, goliardic bravado: a silver ring that disrupts the academic and thrives on contrasts, lights and shadows, Design seductions with a nostalgic flavor.

Inimitable and stainless, the University of Rock'n'Roll ring earned Manuel the Premium Young Designer Award (Berlin, 2007) within the "Best Accessories Designer" category.
Stone, silver, and engravings finished with maniacal dedication give form and expression to a unique, precious jewel that burnishing cloaks in an elegant chiaroscuro effect.

See how it comes to life, from the heart of silver.

University of Rock'n'Roll, Skull and Deluxe: three man rings pulsing to the same beat!

The eye that attracts, bewitches, possesses: Mozambique Garnet towers over the ring giving it light and intensity. Wrapping it in its metal embrace is the embossed silver lettering "University of Rock'n'Roll," a motto, an emblem, a symbol of belonging.

On the sides, the ring bears Manuel's signature, "MB," surrounded by the academic laurel, engraved leaf by leaf: a veritable micro-sculpture in 925 Sterling Silver, mocking all preconceptions.
Above, an unprecedented metal banner reads "LOVE," the most incisive and disarming message.

A corolla of Diamonds embellishes and makes unique the "University of Rock'n'Roll Deluxe". Almost a carat of Diamonds surrounds the stone set in the 925 Sterling Silver ring, burnished and polished entirely by hand.
Rich expression of flair and craftsmanship that needs no title, no words.

Exuberant, ironic, precious to a fault: it is the "University of Rock'n'Roll Skull".
At the top, an anatomical skull in 9K Rose Gold, sculpted with infinite attention to detail, peers out at the world with its sharp Diamond gaze.

Manuel Bozzi Jewelry: handcrafted rings that speak about you.

The most imitated, sought-after, desired: make the University of Rock'n'Roll ring yours and feel all the energy of the Clan on your skin.
Discover all the models of men's silver rings in the Collection: visit the online Store, choose your jewel, personalize it and make it yours!




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