Manuel Bozzi


December 27, 2018


Inimitable, indestructible, unique: silver ring "il Cesellato," a jewel that has no boundaries

A sinuous, enveloping design carved in silver. It is the "il Cesellato" men's ring, one of the most beloved pieces in the Manuel Bozzi Collection.
Classic stainless, holding a place of honor among Manuel Bozzi men's silver rings.

"The Chiseled" speaks an idiom of power and suggestion. Finely hand-carved in Ag 925, a protective demon guards the jewel, imprinting its aura of power into the metal.
Sides chiseled with skill and love of detail support the black enameled bezel, the true touch of mighty elegance of "the Cesellato" ring.

Harmony, vigor and beauty: the rough essence of silver marries with a Dark soul

Sinuous silver veins unfold in enveloping geometries. The pinnacle of silver rings, "the Cesellato" is a mighty model of ancient strength, enriched and defined by the plays of chiaroscuro given by burnishing.
All Manuel's silver men's rings bear the seal of infinite passion and craftsmanship combined with the pure beauty of 925 Ag.
You will carry imprinted on your skin the story of an inimitable jewel, with an unmistakable design, rough, scratchy, elegant to the point of excess, dense with passion.

For you, your unique men's ring, forged in the Manuel Bozzi workshop

Choose the Clan's unmistakable touch for your handcrafted silver jewelry. Be won over by the excellence of Made in Italy. Handcrafted in Tuscany and finished down to the tiniest detail with obsessive attention, Manuel's men's rings of true silver micro-sculptures.

Jewelry with character, designed to amaze you and satisfy your most demanding cravings.

Let your most irreverent side express itself. Discover all the men's silver rings in the Manuel Bozzi Collection.

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