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I tell you the fascinating story of a brave miner whose life is intertwined with our extraordinary ring made of 925 Sterling Silver and a rough Black Diamond of ct.0.40.

In the dark depths of the mines, where only lantern light guides the way, a wise man decided to mark his remaining time of light.

In a unique and decisive gesture, upon ascending, he engraved a mark on the glass cruet of his lantern using the rough black diamond in the ring. The required oil level was thus set for future raids. This symbolic gesture became a ritual for the miner, a way of respecting the precious time needed for the ascent.

Each time the miner peered at the ring, he saw the embedded cubic diamond, a witness to his underground adventures. That stone, with its imperfections and unique shape, represented his strength and determination in the deepest darkness.

The ring, with its matte antiqued and burnished finish, seems to have absorbed the essence of the mines themselves. The traces of time and wear make it a symbol of endurance and a lived history.

Story that will inspire you to overcome any darkness and respect your time. A beacon of hope carved in Silver.

The shape of the stone and its texture can vary significantly since each stone is unique. The quality standard remains excellent!

The weight of the jewelry is purely indicative and refers to a center size, which is why it can vary widely.

Measurements: 11 mm.

Weight: 16 gr. 

What you'll receive

Each piece of jewelry is shipped in premium packaging that includes:

- Warranty seal

- Certificate of authenticity

- Polishing cloth for jewelry care

- Multisizer ring to choose the perfect size

Shipping and returns

Shipping is free in Italy for orders over 250€ and we ship within 7 working days after your payment confirmation. For all other destinations click here and see details.

Jewel care

Your jewelry is an expression of your personality, taking care of it is essential to keep it looking its best over time. When you are not wearing your jewelry store it in the protective packaging you receive for free with your order taking care to remove the black sponge and wrapping it with the polishing cloth.

Your one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece

The craftsmanship involves making each piece by hand with a well-defined process. 

From the first design phase, which is entirely taken care of by Manuel himself who defines it as a very intimate and highly concentrated moment, we move on to wax models, subsequent prototypes, replicas, then assembly, stone setting if any, and product finishing.

Elegance and character

925 Silver is the material that has always characterized Manuel Bozzi's creations. 

Over time, the collection is enriched with 18k gold, 9k gold in both yellow and pink, and bronze that is juxtaposed, blended or alternated with silver to create unique color contrasts. 

We inspire the ones who inspire you

There are countless top international artists who wear Manuel Bozzi's creations every day.

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We have the right answer 

How can I choose the perfect size for me?

On the product page you will find the size guide with step by step directions to choose the perfect size for you. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to text us at +39 3515711012 we can support you in your choice. Remember that the return is free within 30 days.

What do I do in case the size is wrong?

In case the jewelry you receive at home is not the perfect size for you, you can request a size exchange. The procedures are the same as the return which you can find by visiting the Shipping and Returns page by clicking here.

What materials are the jewelry made of?

925 Silver is the material that has always characterized Manuel Bozzi's creations. Over time, the collection is enriched with 18k gold, 9k gold in both yellow and pink, and bronze, which is juxtaposed, blended or alternated with silver to create unique color contrasts. 

The jewels are often enriched with elegant stones such as Polynesian pearls,

black onyx, rock crystal, smoky quartz, amethysts and Mozambique Garnet with cut

cabochon or faceted, or with metallic and ferrous stones (e.g. pyrite) or even from precious stones such as white and black diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and brilliant-cut rubies, used for the most valuable jewels.

When will I receive my jewel?

We make and ship your jewelry in 7 business days. Delivery in Italy is generally in 24/48h from the time of shipment depending on your zip code. In the European Community it takes 48/72h. We ship worldwide and timelines may vary. If you have special needs or dates that need to be met (e.g. birthday, anniversary) text us and let us know. We will do our best to please you! For all info visit the Shipping and Returns pageby clicking here.

How can I receive assistance?

Should you have any doubts or questions that have not been answered, you can contact us at

+39 3515711012 we can then support you and provide you with all the information you need.