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Size Guide

In Moorea, in French Polynesia, there is the Marae, a sacred place of which only the ruins remain. The Village Council met in the Marae, also wonderfully built with pyramidal blocks of coral. Even today you can breathe the mystical energy that surrounds these enchanting places where silence reigns supreme.

Manuel wanted to pay homage to these ancient, ancestral and primordial lands.
Ring made of burnished and matte antiqued 925 Sterling Silver.

The weight of the jewel is indicative and refers to a central size, for this reason it can vary considerably.

Measures: 23 mm.

Weight: 25 gr.

By clicking the following link you will access to a friendly .pdf file that will help you to determine the exact size of your finger or your wrist, please follow the printing settings instructions and don't hesitate to contact us for further infos: