Manuel Bozzi

"The Clan" Collection

04 December, 2018


Belonging, friendship, excellence: discover Manuel Bozzi's line of handcrafted jewelry. Become part of the clan!

The Clan is a symbol, it is strength, it is passion. It is the fire-welded link between craftsmanship and art, precision and instinct, ritual and innovation.

It is loyalty linked by a double thread.

This is the mood that dominates in the collection "The Clan." Born out of the long-standing artistic partnership with historic partner Luigi Ranchelli, the Clan Banlieue represents the union of all of Manuel's most beloved subjects: a snapshot from another time on a reality made of multi-ethnic inspirations, tribality, irreverence.

Here all the most original models of Manuel's flair converge, silver jewelry rich in unexpected details, shapes and designs curated to the point of excess, or characterized by a rough, essential dynamism.

Live the Clan on your skin; wear your unique jewelry that pulses from the heart of Silver.

Sculpting silver here means shaping a unique and inimitable piece of men's jewelry designed to express and enhance your desire for Art.

A voice out of the chorus, here finding brotherhood and character in silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, skulls, stones, limpid abstractness and raw materiality.

A melting-pot of unmistakable style: handcrafted jewelry worked entirely by hand in Tuscany that beats to the rhythm of whimsical artistry.

Made in Italy excellence to the rhythm of Rock!

We like to amaze. Like you, we believe in Uniqueness!

Striking in its fluid and essential line, the 925 Sterling Silver ring "Bell" has the design of a piercing and comfortably wraps around the finger in a concentration of powerful delicacy.

Irreverence, excess, tribalism: all harmoniously welded and enclosed by the Clan seal.
It is the"Gipsy Skull" men's bracelet, one of Manuel's most beloved designs, embellished with sneering anatomical skulls carved in 925 Sterling Silver.

The attention to detail and evocative chiaroscuro effects given by the burnishing make this bracelet a unique jewel to make your own.

Inimitable and unmistakable, the silver bracelet "Tribor" combines a tribal soul with the elaborate play of studded Arg925 links, soldered one by one.

The meticulousness, attention to detail, and bright touches of mechanical industriousness hint at an irrepressible spirit with great impact.

Explore all the designs in "The Clan" Collection.
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