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GRAVE SOCIETY by Gaika & Manuel Bozzi

September 01, 2020

GRAVE SOCIETY by Gaika & Manuel Bozzi

A collection of five pieces of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry conveying a message of equality, conceived by Gaika and handcrafted by Manuel Bozzi in Tuscany, in the oldest Italian goldsmith tradition.

The collaboration between Gaika and Manuel Bozzi was born out of a deep and urgent need. The years we are living in see us as protagonists of an evolving world, in which the forms of power change and sometimes become shady and elusive. The role of an artist is first and foremost to make his or her voice heard, and to take a stand in a constantly changing political context: the artist becomes artist-total, the one who uses every means of expression to convey his or her message, making life itself his or her work. 


This collection, a hybrid of design, poetry and applied art, takes shape from a text by Gaika. With an evocative and powerful language, it speaks of current events through verses that seem to belong to a past and future civilization at the same time. The themes are universal, abstracted from any era, and at the same time never so topical: life, death, equality.

Manuel Bozzi's design emphasizes this duality, with references to the Italian goldsmith tradition combined with a futuristic and unconventional fit. A rough and material design, in which the manual component emerges in all its power. These are objects evidently born from the hand of man, and designed to remain in time. Engraved on the silver we find the key words taken from Gaika's text. They are the fundamental themes of the collection, symbol-words that speak to all humanity.

The whole collection will be available from September 10 on these online shops:


ArtDirector Gaika

Designer Manuel Bozzi

Photographer Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr.

Curators Luca Gasperoni and Luca Sarti

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