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Thank You for Downloading the SIlver Care Guide

Thank You for Downloading the Guide!


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If you have any further questions about caring for your jewelry feel free to email us at shop@manuelbozzi.it and we'll get back to you right away.


All of our jewelry is designed, created and produced in Italy. We take great pride in only providing you with the highest quality jewelry. You wear our jewelry to stand out, to make a statement, and because it's a great representation of your personality!


When you buy a piece of jewelry from us you'll wear it for years to come!


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With every purchase you also receive our Premium Packaging which includes a: Warranty Seal, Certificate of Authenticity, and Silver Care Polishing Cloth!


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Clicking the following link will take you to a handy .pdf file that will help you determine the exact size of your finger or wrist, follow the printing instructions, and contact us for any further inquiries: