Manuel Bozzi



Alfa Romero is the multifaceted duo formed by Marzio Aricò and Lorenzo Bartoletti who, together with Andrea Guzzoletti and Manuel Bozzi, form a working group called Auroom that deals with music, theater, and visual arts.

Both acclaimed musicians in their own right, the two combine their many years of experience in electronic music to create their project Alpha Romero.

The duo boasts a respectable discography and distinguished collaborations: Afterlife, Defected, Sci + Tec, This and That...

Working together as producers, DJs, and label owners, the duo explore a shared musical vision in a partnership that aims to expand the horizons of electronic music.
As producers, Alfa Romero shares a passion for club-friendly music. Although their tracks keep the focus on the dance floor itself, the musical project is very colorful, full of deep emotions and strong rhythms. Their ability to weave subtle melodies into the mix allows them to create moments of pure beauty rarely seen on dance floors.

A unique team. Unmistakably Alfa Romero.

To listen to them: Bandcamp e Soundcloud