Manuel Bozzi


The Official Catalog that includes all the jewelry that can be purchased in the Store.

Our production process is entirely handcrafted and each piece of jewelry is a unique piece finished by hand and created especially for you in the size you require.

That is why we need 7 working days to make it and send it to you.

To make your search easier, we have divided all our creations into thematic areas, the Collections. We invite you to browse the collections to find the jewelry that most closely matches your mood. 

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that speaks of love? You will find it in LOVE.

Do you love music and everything around it? Browse through ROCK'N'ROLL

Be part of the Clan!

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Clicking the following link will take you to a handy .pdf file that will help you determine the exact size of your finger or wrist, follow the printing instructions, and contact us for any further inquiries: